Does your clinic do ear-cropping?
– Yes. Dr. Carol Joyce-Lloyd has over 25 years of experience doing ear-cropping.

What breeds do you do the procedure on?
– We can do the procedure on: Min-pins, Schnauzers of all sizes, boxers, Pitbull’s/bullies, Dobermans, Cane Corso, Presa Canarias, Great Danes and Bouvier’s.

What is your process for scheduling?
– We require an exam prior to being able to schedule that surgery. During that Exam Dr. Joyce- Lloyd will be checking heart and lungs, if your dog has a murmur or lung raspiness, they will be disqualified from getting the surgery. We are also making sure that they are a healthy body weight and that they are on a shot and worming schedule. That exam is $100 with $50 going towards your surgery as a non-refundable deposit. After your exam your surgery will be scheduled.

How much is ear-cropping?
– It is dependent upon the breed and weight. The below pricing is for all breeds up to 22 pounds, if they go over 22 pounds it is an additional $100-$200 depending how much over that they are, to compensate for the extra anesthetic and pain meds needed. We no longer do the surgery after 32 pounds, because after care becomes too difficult. Pricing is:

Pits/bullies/miniature pincher’s/mini schnauzers: $600

Boxers/Dobermans/ Standard Schnauzers: $700

Presa Canarias/Cane Corso’s/ Bouvier’s/ Giant Schnauzers: $750

Great Danes: $800

What age should my dog be for scheduling my exam?
– This is dependent upon the breed. Below are the ideal times to schedule the exam:

Min Pins/Mini Schnauzer- 8-13 weeks old

Pitbull’s/bullies/Standard schnauzers/Boxers- 7-10 weeks

Presa Canaries/Cane Corso’s/ Bouvier’s and Giant Schnauzer’s- 7-9 weeks

Great Danes- 7-9 weeks

Do my dogs’ ears stand instantly?
– No. No surgery is going to make your dogs ears stand instantly. The process for getting them to stand is different for each breed, and is going to be dependent on the length of ear. The longer the ear the longer it will take to stand.

Is it painful? Is it a lot of aftercare?
– Yes to both. This is a purely aesthetic surgery that is painful for the dog and requires that owner can clean the ears at least twice a day thoroughly. If you are squeamish around blood and scabbing, this might not be the surgery for you. The ears only turn out as good as the after care, if you are unable to do the aftercare well then your dogs ears will not look good.

I heard that cutting my dogs ears will decrease/increase ear infections, is this true?
– No, cutting your dogs ears will not help decrease ear infections, and will not increase the likelihood of ear infections. This is a myth and is not true in the slightest.

How far are you booked out for this procedure?
– We are usually booked out 2-3 weeks for ear-cropping.