Spay/ NeuterNew Mexico as a state has some of the highest percentage of homeless and dumped animals in the nation. Spaying and neutering helps decrease the dog and cat population. as well as being instrumental in your animals health. After your animal turns 5 years old their chances of hormone linked cancers are increased by 10-15% every year. Spaying and neutering at the right age can decrease your chances of testicular and anal cancer, ovarian and mammary tumors and infected uterus.

At this time we are not accepting new clients for spaying and neutering, you must be a current client having seen us for vaccines or other procedures previously. Call (505) 286-2608 if you are a client that would like to make an appointment.

Current spay/neuter pricing

  • Canines;
    • Spay- $350 up to 50lb, $1.5 for every pound over
    • Neuter- $250 up to 50lb, $1.5 for every pound over
  • Feline:
    • Spay- $150
    • Neuter- $100